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3HO Luminaries

3HO Foundation had humble beginnings.  50 years ago, a man named Yogi Bhajan came to North America from India with just a few dollars in his pocket.  His dedication to teaching the techniques he knew would inspire courage, steadfastnesses, peacefulness, resiliency and dignity within every heart took flight and planted seeds around the world.

Today millions of people around the world practice Kundalini Yoga from all walks of life.  Some very special individuals dedicate their lives to his original mission: spreading the seeds of consciousness as far as they will go.  3HO Foundation would like to honor the special people who bring Kundalini Yoga to underserved and impoverished communities around the world by bringing them to our 2019 Lighthouse Events as a part of our new Yogi Bhajan Guest Fund campaign.  

Without your generosity, these special members of the 3HO community would never have the ability to attend a Summer Solstice, or practice White Tantric Yoga, or connect with their spiritual family from around the globe.  We hope that through bringing them to these events, by honoring them as Yogi Bhajan's Guests, we can reignite their flame of service and inspire them to continue to plant seeds of consciousness in communities in need for years to come.

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The application period for Summer Solstice 2019 is now closed.

Please check back later to apply for future events.

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