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Volume 4


Many Kundalini classics emerged during this era, including classics from the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Chile.

1.  Mera Man Lochai - Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa & Nirinjan Kaur

2.  Prithvi Hai - Mirabai Ceiba

3.  El Eterno Sol - Mirabai Ceiba

4. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur  - Pritpal Singh

5.  I am the Light of the Soul - Gurudass Kaur

6.  Jai Te Gung - Gurunam Singh

7. Heal Me - Nirinjan Kaur

8.  Suniai - Prabhu Nam Kaur

9. Ra Ma Da Sa - Sat Hari Singh & Hari Bhajan Kaur

10. Adi Mantra - Sat Shabad Singh (Chile)


Livtar recording, circa 1972

Mera Man Lochai (The Shabd) - Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa & Nirinjan Kaur, Canada, 2008

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 1.47.32 PM.png

This recording was created as a companion for the meditation Healing the
wounds of love. A pure love song between the Soul and the Beloved, the
words are the four letters of Guru Arjun to Guru Ram Das and are from Shabd
Hazaray. Through the process of the Guru’s own transformation, we transform
our own longing into the realm of ultimate love, and our natural merger with the infinite beloved. The wounds of love are healed. This rendition is based on a
beautiful melody by Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa. Mother and daughter —Guru Raj
Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa—join voices in this offering.

A few of the Khalsa String band members, Circa 1974

Prithvi Hai - Mirabai Ceiba, Mexico & Germany, 2008


Markus and Angelika come from different parts of the globe. He’s East German. She’s of Mexican and German heritage, born in Tucson, Arizona, and raised in a small village near Mexico City. They met at a street fair during Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival and quickly formed an alliance both romantic and musical. The name Mirabai Ceiba reflects the couple’s pan-global perspective. Mirabai (1490-1547) was a legendary Hindu devotional singer. The Ceiba is the sacred tree of Latin America.

1975, the band on tour in Denver

El Eterno Sol, Mirabai Ceiba, Mexico & Germany, 2008

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 1.11.40 PM.png

Markus and Angelika come from different parts of the globe. He’s East German. She’s of Mexican and German heritage, born in Tucson, Arizona, and raised in a small village near Mexico City. They met at a street fair during Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival and quickly formed an alliance both romantic and musical. The name Mirabai Ceiba reflects the couple’s pan-global perspective. Mirabai (1490-1547) was a legendary Hindu devotional singer. The Ceiba is the sacred tree of Latin America.

Along with their recordings, Mirabai Ceiba’s prolific touring and inspirational concerts have also helped build a devoted global following and garner media praise. They played for a spellbound audience of 5,000 on the shores of Rio de La Plata in Buenos Aires, and for over 1,000 at the University Concert Hall in Tel Aviv. Sold-out shows at Mexico City’s famed Teatro de la Ciudad, Moscow’s International House of Music, the Palladium in Warsaw and the National Concert Hall of Estonia have delighted Mirabai Ceiba’s international fan base. Legendary and beautiful venues such as London’s Union Chapel, L’auditori in Barcelona and Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid have all proven ideal settings for Mirabai Ceiba’s music. Their concerts are joyous and loving occasions that embody the duo’s profound belief in music as a universal language, uniting all the world’s peoples, cultures and traditions.

Guru Shabad with Yogi Bhajan, circle early 80's

Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur - Pritpal Singh, USA, 2008


Pritpal Singh Khalsa has been a teacher of Kundalini Yoga since 1972. Pritpal has released several recordings and has performed and taught kirtan (devotional music) on four continents. As a KRI-certified Lead Teacher Trainer he travels to teach around the world, bringing insight and caring to his teaching, guiding students through the blocks encountered along the path toward empowering our inner selves. Pritpal Singh currently serves as the Director of Dharmic Education for Sikh Dharma International. He is also a Yogic Life Coach, presenting workshops on various topics such as; Meditation on Purpose, Conscious Relationships, Sacred Sound, and Emotional Competency. He has been married to his soulmate, Pritpal Kaur, since 1974 and together, they have two adult children and two young grandchildren. For further information:

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, circa 2016

I am the Light of the Soul - Gurudass Kaur, USA/Spain, 2010

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 3.54.27 PM.png

Gurudass Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and musician whose strong and powerful vocals mirror her amazing spirit. She is a very gifted singer and musician. Her beautiful and powerful voice has the gift to uplift and expand the mind into a pure state of bliss.  She is often heard signing and playing in many well-known Kundalini Yoga music recordings.

Gurudass Kaur has been a teacher of Kundalini Yoga since 1972.  She opened the first Kundalini Yoga School in Barcelona, Spain in 1978 and has been an active teacher trainer in Europe for many years. Her big heart and gift with people have placed her on the forefront of many 3HO events, both in Europe and the USA.

Gurudass Kaur presently lives in Northern Virginia and is the mother of two beautiful (grown up) children.


Jai Te Gang- Gurunam Singh, USA, 2010

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 1.25.07 PM.png

When Gurunam Singh graduated high school he was given a guitar and began composing simple songs. At 22 he found Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma. He sang and played along with others and over time began leading chants in the early morning hours, before the rising of the sun. He spent lots of time in the solitude of his own home, and in the Sikh temple late at night, chanting to God and writing devotional songs. Gurunam’s influences range from gospel, folk and country to classical Indian raag and traditional Sikh hymns to many of the current artists who sing devotional Hindu chants. He occasionally studied with some great ragi’s such as Bhai Avtar Singh, from India, and Dya Singh from Australia. But his music is very simple. Anyone can chant along.

Singh Kaur

Heal Me - Nirinjan Kaur, Canada, 2010 

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 1.28.47 PM.png

Born into a family of practicing yogis, Nirinjan Kaur has been raised and trained in the healing practices of Sacred Chant, Kundalini Yoga, and meditation, since birth. Her calling is to share music, and to share these powerful practices with others in order to facilitate the deep healing and personal growth of each person who wants it. She has performed sacred music concerts, taught Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops, and sung alongside other respected artists and teachers across the globe, for many years. Her profoundly heart-opening voice easily conveys her innocence, authenticity, and devotion, to listeners, bringing them into a state of bliss and healing.

Guru Raj Kaur today

Suniai - Prabhu Nam Kaur, USA, 2010

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 1.31.25 PM.png

Prabhu Nam Kaur has been singing sacred mantra and shabad from the Kundalini Yoga and Sikh traditions for more than 35 years. She aspires to sing these songs of God with devotion, so that their wisdom and beauty can shine forth, and so that listeners can find their own ability to sing and experience them as well. Her most recent CD is titled, Seasons of the Soul, released in June 2010 by Spirit Voyage Records. She has also recorded the CD, Mother's Blessing.

Prabhu Nam Kaur began taking piano lessons when she was 5 years old until she was 20, and studied the flute for a few years in high school. She sang in the school choir and with her sisters at home, for fun. She never had any formal training in voice, but all the years of piano lessons transferred easily over to harmonium! Wanting to do justice to Gurbani Kirtan taught her a lot about singing. The first shabad she ever learned was Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur, in a class taught by Amarjeet Kaur in Los Angeles in 1974. She studied later briefly with Jasbir Kaur. In 1977, she went to Amritsar and met Bhai Hari Singh, who played at the Golden Temple for 54 years before retiring. She has continued studying with him whenever the opportunity has arisen, both in India and in the US when he has travelled here.

Prabhu Nam Kaur says that her daughter, Snatam Kaur, continually inspires her, and if she has taught Snatam about music, Snatam has certainly taught Prabhu Nam much as well. She lives in San Leandro, California, USA, and is married to Sat Santokh Singh, who teaches Self-Worth workshops throughout Europe and the US. She is the mother of Snatam Kaur, who travels the world sharing her music. She teaches yoga and kirtan. She has six children altogether, ranging in age between 21 and 46. By name: Andrew, Jiwan Shakti Kaur, Snatam Kaur, Nam Kirn, Steven, and Rishi Parbhaat Singh.

For more information see

Guru Raj Kaur today

Ra Ma Da Sa - Sat Hari Singh & Hari Bhajan Kaur (NM), Germany/USA, 2010

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 1.34.45 PM.png

Sat Hari Sing Khalsa was born 1950 in Rostock, Eastern Germany. Staying in Hamburg and participating in numerous international and national projects, he is famous for his Golden Temple Teehaus opened in September, 2008. Many, many Kundalini Yoga students come into our classes to sing, chant and meditate with songs because it affects their souls.

Guru Raj Kaur today

Adi Mantra - Sat Shabad Singh, Chile, 2010

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 1.38.38 PM.png

Sat Shabd (Eduardo Balázs) became a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2001 and has been dedicated to music all his life. He is a sound engineer, producer, music composer and owner of Musicland in Chile. For the past 10 years, he has concentrated on creating music for yoga, meditation and music therapy. He teaches Kundalini Yoga in music institutes and universities and gives workshops on mantras and music therapy in Chile. His first CD, "Inspirations from the Universe: Sadhana Chants from Chile," served many Kundalini Yoga students and teachers in their early morning practice. "Guru," his second CD, includes mantras for meditation and instrumental music for relaxation and dance movements. The melodies in this musical work have the quality to uplift, open the heart, and reach deeply in our self, healing and connect with our spiritual essence and soul.

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